“Beam Me Up, Spotty”

Pet Qwerks Alien BarkBone Beef Stew Flavor-Infused Dog Chews are out of this world!

Wondering How to Stop Your Dog from Being Destructive When You’re Not Home?

Does your dog cause mass destruction when you leave for work? Or maybe they tear apart every toy you give them? If so, the Alien BarkBone® Dog Chews are the solution for your aggressive chewer. This long-lasting chew toy gives your dog something to do INSTEAD OF tearing up that cute new toy you just bought, or, even worse, your expensive furniture! Show your heavy chewer where to direct their energy with this safe and tasty option. And, because it tastes like your grandma’s delicious beef stew, your dog won’t even miss chewing on your slippers!

Pet Qwerks Alien BarkBone features a textural strip that runs the length of the chew. It’s still a traditional bone but has entertaining texture strip down the middle that gives them lots of chewing options.

This indestructible dog bone is non-edible. It is completely safe to chew, but even the most aggressive chewer can’t break it down. Have a super chewer? The Alien BarkBone® can take a beating from dogs that chew the most. One of the safest chew toys out there, just toss your dog one of these to stave off the boredom that causes chewing pandemonium.

Mmmm, Alien BarkBone® Chews Taste Like Real Beef Stew (because they are!)

Made with FDA-compliant nylon and Beef Stew human-grade flavoring, your dog will feel like they went to outer space when they sink their teeth into the delicious, NEW Pet Qwerks Alien BarkBone® Dog Chews. And, even better, they are 100% Made in the good ‘ole USA. Yep, our ingredients are locally sourced here in sunny California. We never outsource to China for our special treats. You can always trust Pet Qwerks to provide quality products with home-grown, locally-sourced ingredients for even the most aggressive chewers.

Pet Qwerks Alien BarkBone® Dog Chews Are Healthy for Your Dog

They are non-toxic, non-allergenic and have ZERO artificial preservatives. They even help clean your dog’s teeth. Without knowing it, your dog is getting a gum massage and teeth cleaning, just like they went to the dentist. Except, they are loving every minute of it!

Pet Qwerks Alien BarkBone® Work for All Dogs, Small and Large

Available in 3 sizes, these chew toys are a good fit for all dogs — from your mischievous little terrier, to your full-grown, mastiff. Keep them all happy with this flavorful, durable nylon bone, and keep your sofa in one piece too.

Give your dog a close encounter of the “delicious kind” today with this hardy, nylon chew toy that lasts!


Benefits of Alien BarkBones:

  • ✓ 100% FDA-Compliant Durable Nylon
  • ✓ Human-grade Beef Stew flavoring & MADE IN THE USA
  • ✓ Allergen-Free, contains no peanuts
  • ✓ NO Artificial Preservatives
  • ✓ Help your dog develop positive chewing habits from puppyhood into adulthood
  • ✓ Your dog never gets bored thanks to the entertaining texture strip down the middle that gives them lots of chewing options
  • ✓ Best of all - your furniture/shoes/plush pillows and sanity remain intact!

Size Recommendations:

Pet Qwerks Alien Bacon BarkBone®Size Guide

  • ✓ Large Alien BarkBone Is Recommended for Dogs Up to 85 lbs/39 Kg
  • ✓ Medium Alien BarkBone Is Recommended for Dogs Up to 60 lbs/27 Kg
  • ✓ Small Alien BarkBone Is Recommended for Dogs Up to 35 lbs/16Kg.
  • ✓ 100% FDA-Compliant Nylon
  • ✓ Comes in 3 sizes- 7 ¾ inches, 6 1/4 inches and 5 1/2 inches.
  • ✓ Made in the USA

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