The WarDogs Bone Dog Toy is a toy with a larger purpose. It’s dedicated to helping all dogs that have faithfully served our nation. Pet Qwerks is a proud sponsor of the United States War Dogs Association and your purchase will result in a contribution to both retired and working service dogs. Service dogs help keep soldiers safe from bombs, land mines and drugs; they subdue enemies and save countless lives. Made from durable nylon, this WarDog Bone has added squeakers on it and even better, it floats! Ideal for a game of fetch at the pool, beach, lake or anywhere else adventure takes you, your dog will love his new toy and you can feel good about donating to a worthy cause.

Great Benefits:

  • ✓ Contains squeakers for added excitement as your dog plays.
  • ✓ Toss it for your dog to fetch and is great for both indoor and outdoor plays.
  • ✓ Encourages play and exercise to keep your dog in good shape.
  • ✓ Durable, lightweight nylon material paw-fect for a game of fetch with your furry friend.
  • ✓ It floats.


All dog's personalities, reactions and behaviors are different; sometimes unexpected. No dog toy is truly indestructible. It is important that all dogs be closely supervised when new toys are introduced and removed if behavior is destructive and unsafe.