How to Pick Toys for Your Dog

by Sharon Gick
How to Pick Toys for Your Dog

Toys serve an important role in any dog’s life. Can you imagine what would happen if your high energy dog didn’t have something like toys to occupy his attention for a few moments each day? Can you imagine the work you have to go through because of the wide variety of toys to choose from in the market? They include among others, rubber toys, nylon chew toys and puzzle toys.

The toy you pick for your dog depends on the pet’s size, age and behavior. Any of these three factors can serve as a guide to help you in choosing the best toy for your dog.


The toys you pick for puppies vary from the toys you pick for adult dogs. For puppies, choose soft toys that won’t hurt the puppy’s gums and baby teeth. Remember puppies do not have any teeth until they are about six weeks old, and they start losing the teeth at around four months. With this in mind, choose toys that will help strengthen their gums without hurting them.

The age between four months and seven months is the teething period. If you value the stuff around your house- your kids’ toys, your shoes and anything else soft enough for the dog to chew- you are better off getting toys made of thick rubber because otherwise, your pet will make toys out of your new pair of slippers! Chewing toys eliminate this possibility.


The toy that’s ideal for a large dog such as a Rottweiler is too massive for a dog such as a Chihuahua. Choose toys that are made specifically for your dog’s size, so your dog develops maximum stimulation from the toy. A toy that is size appropriate also serves its purpose well because it keeps your dog interested, therefore the dog spends more time playing and learning.


If your dog stopped chewing everything in the house when he grew up, you are lucky. Some dogs leave behind the chewing behavior once they grow up, but some never outgrow the habit. If you are an owner of such a pet, nylon toys are a good option for you because they last longer despite constant chewing.

Puzzle toys are ideal for dogs that are either too lazy to look for their own fun or those that are hyperactive. In addition, these toys serve to slow down a dog that gulps its food down too fast. Pets are still animals, so they still yearn for extra adventure whenever possible.

For a dog that eats his food too fast, put the usual treats inside the puzzle toy. Your pet will enjoy the challenge involved in getting to his food. The lazy dog will benefit from this type of toy because of the challenge involved and the hyperactive dog will be occupied in playtime and will appreciate somewhere to expend his extra energy.

So there you have it. When you are picking toys for your dog, you need to consider his age, his size and his personality/behavior. Choose toys that are ideal for the dog based on these factors. Also, don’t forget to spend time with your pet and play with the new toys together.

by Sharon Gick